ABOUT US old——————

From the beautiful city of Granada (Spain) we present you ASIS FILM MODELS…and our team:


The founder of ASIS FILM MODELS.

From he was a child he made his own figures, his own sci-fi universe. Star Wars, The Dark Crystal, Alien, Gremlins…..his imagination was flying and “tons” of plasticine were transformed  in his favorites characters, creatures, environments …

Today ,30 years later, he is an engineer,  CAD expert, and ,as he always dreamed, sculptor and modeler. His experience in CG and traditional sculpture, molds construction and resin casting are allowing make his dreams


Our “feminine touch”: Orderly, meticulous and always smiling, she is our “mould and cast manager”….our “RESIN QUEEN”.

As a good Star Wars fan, she enjoys decorating with pictures, posters, props always with good taste, of course!!!


ART…..art it´s in his bood !!! Our art assistant. An excelent sculptor, painter and photographer. http://davidgramage.wordpress.com/

Movie fan, his critic vision adds us always a new “point of view” for break the limits.

Positive and vital, his words always infuse encouragement. THANKS SO MUCH


We think art is sharing knowledge too, not only a merchandising, so we want you to feel at home…a big home where you can share experience, discover the  “how-to” and ask us all that you want about our works: materials, tools, skills, inspiration…

We are not a big toy factory , we are not a licensed products company…..but we look for the highest accuracy in our work,even higher than many biggest factories,which think only commercial criteria.

We work with PASSION, HONESTY  and RESPECT to all great film artist………….these are the “soul” of ASIS FILM MODELS