We are a group of artisan sculptors and painters and the products are individually made. So manufacturing times are variable, may vary depend on our global working quantity.

Estimated delivery time for products in stock is around 1 week

Estimated delivery time for backorder figures:

  • in production: around 30 days
  • kits: around 1 week


However, the customer can always ask us the estimated date when their product will be ready. Contact us

Clients are covered by PAYPAL’s protection service, so we promise to serve the product within that period.

Important note:

Figures that we have re-edited are being produced again and therefore will have a longer delivery time than normal ( indicated in each figure) . It is the only way for customers to have these figures available again. Thank you for your understanding and patience




Delivery time for orders with payment plans is depending on payment dates and especific delivery dates for products of your order. We send your figures after date of final payment you selected initialy , so, if you pay before date we will send your order in initial date. We could send them before if we have finished all order, but we are not obligated it.

We send orders when all figures are finished ( because shipping cost is for a unique order) if you want we send in different shippings, contact us.

More details abour PAYMENT PLANS here



The product that the customer receives is identical to the one that appears in the product photo, of equal quality. For this reason we understand that the customer knows the product.

IMPORTANT!!!!!: We send our packages by CERTIFICATE MAIL so ,if you view some crash, bump or damage in the package, please, TELL IT to postman. We only refund money or send a new figure if there is an official notice from the postal service or a claim for the damaged package. However, PLEASE , CONTACT US FOR ALL YOU NEED


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